I spent a night and day in Madrid so I could spend time with my old roommate Jorge who I alluded to in my last post keeping up everyday with the hectic schedule has been challenging. Anyways, It was different seeing a major city compared to the small city of Salamanca. I was in awe on how late the people are out in Spain still even after 2 weeks of being here. The fact that you can just go outside at 2:00 and play some billar (pool) or even catching a movie @ 3:00 after having a drink. I love how state of the art the metro and public transport is, even in the smaller cities and towns. The idea I love most is how efficient Europeans are. They get the power imported so no lights are on if no one is using and showers are not longer than 15 mins. In a place like Madrid it’s the same as a tiny Pueblo it doesn’t matter. The museums in Madrid were so great and way to big to finish in a day but I got to see the pieces I wanted. One thing I got to cross off my bucket list is getting to see the Guernica in person. I also got to see the Santiago Bernabeu but wasn’t able to fully tour it due to my time crunch. I wish I could’ve stayed a couple days there to fully experience it but when you get only a month you have to get a little taste of as much and your schedule allows you to when you’re in a country that is so rich in history.


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